4+ Spooky Halloween Treats to Make Yourself

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Halloween is a great holiday to experiment with your baking. It’s fun and generally light-hearted. I’ve pulled together some of my favorites for you to peruse and hopefully be inspired by. I didn’t just limit myself to treats you can eat; a spine-tingling drink also counts as a Halloween treat! These treats are also new to me, rather than what I wrote about last year.

Halloween treats don't necessarily have to include cake!

Cookie Monster Fudge

I found this recipe on Shared. I love this unique twist on fudge. If you like cookies and fudge, you’re gonna love this! It’s also incredibly quick to throw together.

You melt your blue candy melts on the stove (you could probably use the microwave as well) and once melted, combine the condensed milk and stir until they are well combined. Add in some smashed Oreos and chocolate chip cookie bits and then pour into a tray

Top with more cookie bits and some eyes. This could also be adapted to a more Halloween style with green, orange, or purple melts. There are so many different ideas bubbling in my head for this!

Cookie monster fudge and ghost shortbread cookies, I'm in heaven!

Pecan Ghost Shortbread Cookies

I love shortbread cookies! This recipe comes courtesy of American Pecans. The best part of this one? Five freaking ingredients!! The dough is a little finicky, but that was most likely because I let it sit in the fridge for a few hours rather than the 30 minutes the recipe suggested.

Brownie Dirt Pudding

I have made this in the past, using candy worms. My Baking Addiction changes it up a notch with the idea of adding more Halloween specific candies. Worms also work here, but I wouldn’t limit yourself to just those. 

Halloween S’mores

I love s’ mores. Homemade Interest made it a bit more spooky with the idea of using Halloween peeps. The added mixture of peanut butter chips adds just so much more to your plain old s’ mores recipe!

Harry Potter Themed Drinks

My favorite books are, hands down, the Harry Potter series (JK Rowling is a brilliant author!). Brit + Co has put together a lengthy list of themed cocktails. My favorite is a tie between the Severus Snape and the Pumpkintini! Though to be fair, I didn’t have the ingredients by press time of this article for the You Know Who one, which looks so delightful.

Sangria for Halloween

If you love Sangria, it’s easy to “Halloween-ize” the drink, add oranges painted with black food coloring, for instance. Make it super red with some pomegranate juice! Ultimately I aim to make mine a red as I possibly can! I don’t care that my tongue and mouth are incredibly red afterward!

Speaking of Pomegranates…

Liquor.com has a Darth Mauled Pomegranate cider that I am so going to try once I get some mulling spices, apple cider, and pomegranate juice. It looks so lovely and dark, perfect for a spooky Halloween night!

Flaming drinks can be popular at Halloween, whatever floats your boat I say!

Conclusion – Make it fun AND spooky!

Whatever you do to celebrate Halloween, it should be fun. In particular, I think you should have a blast both making and enjoying your Halloween treats! I hope this article gave you some good starting points. For more ideas, I highly recommend checking out Pinterest.

What was your favorite treat here? Let me know in the comments down below, and be sure to share this post on your favorite social media platform and pin it to Pinterest!

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