8 Breathtaking Statement Necklaces You Can Make!

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Statement necklaces are my favorite jewelry to make, hands down. I also love wearing them, but making them is sort of an activity that I find raises my spirits immediately. So if you’re interested in jewelry making and want to see if you can catch the “Statement Necklace” bug, I have eight designs for you to try or be inspired to create your own design! But first, let’s cover where you need to go to get your supplies!

Where to Shop:

I have a massive collection of jewelry making supplies, so I sometimes honestly can’t remember where I might have bought a particular set of beads or findings. However, these are the places I buy my supplies!

If you have a local bead store or want to check out other online sites like eBay or LetGo, you can sometimes find some unique supplies there, but the above five are my main go-to places.

What You’ll Want to Buy:

In order to get started, you'll need some supplies!

You’ll want to make sure your findings match your wire, at press time for this article, I did not have gold closures, so I’ll have to fit those on later with some of my options.

So, let’s get on with the designing of our statement necklaces, shall we?

Just Batty

First you need to attach the bats together with a set of black beads Then you finish up with two nice strands of black beads!

I had some leftover bat findings and figured since we are nearly at Halloween, why not show e necklace you can make for the season? This piece is easy to throw together took me about twenty minutes.

I broke up the bat pieces with bits of black beads that could easily use eye pins to chain the beads together or use wire and crimp tubes as I did. Then you finish it off with a beautiful clasp, and you’ll have a lovely piece just in time for witching hour!

Red and Gold

I began with some large red beads and accented them with red and gold crystal beads red is the perfect color for statement necklaces, it's bold and out there!

I had some beautiful chunky red glass beads that I accented with some red and gold crystal beads. Gold findings went well with this design and I alternated between red and gold crystal beads between the larger beads.

Once again, finish off with a beautiful clasp, and it’s ready to wear!

Leafy Delight

these leafy glass beads needed some crystal beads for added spunk! A lovely beaded necklace ready to wear!

Similar to the red, these beads were glassy with a delightful hint of green. I used a few more crystal beads in this one, but the concept is the same. Silver findings instead of gold as well. I also used five beads instead of three between the larger pieces (which is why there were more crystal beads used!).

Pearl Necklace

You start by creating three single strands of pearls! I love the contrast between the white and brown!

I love pearls; they are the classic necklace that every woman should have in her wardrobe. This necklace was a little shorter than the one I did earlier this year, but still a three strander. This time I went for white flanking a beautiful brownish color bead with gold findings.

All done and ready for the party!

I will be buying a closure similar to the three-strand closure that I have in silver that I used for my purple necklace below, as the idea with this necklace is for it to sit quite snug on the neckline.

Brown and Green

This design is simple, but so lovely!

I had these lovely flat square-shaped brown beads that I just knew I wanted to make into a necklace, to jazz them up a little, I accented them with some vibrant green crystal beads. I love the contrast between the two colors, and it made for a simple but stylish necklace.

A little bit of beading and you have a beautiful statement necklace ready to go!

Turquoise Two Strand

I love this color and the contrasting silver chain!

I love turquoise colored beads; this necklace for a switch is simply a two-strand. One beaded strand with a silver chain accented with beads.

For added flourish, I added a pattern of different sized beads to my beaded strand and looped the chain a few times around the beads before closing it off. It added a bit a unique twist (yep, pun intended).

Purple Three Strander

You start by creating three strands of your beads The clasp for this one is made for three strands and it's magnetic

I received these gorgeous purple beads with those nice flat brown ones (I honestly cannot recall where I got them, I had them for years!), and I just knew they’d make a beautiful chunky necklace. Of course, they are my favorite color of purple, so I went for it, with silver findings!

This is a beautifully chunky and textured statement necklace!

As this was a three-strand necklace, I used a silver closure that is designed for multi-strand jewelry.

Stormy Grey

I started with these rounded and squared beads and some jewelry wire starting the stringing! Another beautiful creation ready to wear!

Another color of beads I received were these beautiful grey colored ones. Of course, this time, we’re doing a single strand of them with gold findings. You could easily switch this up and add another simple strand or two to add some depth, but I like the simplicity of the single-strand, and sometimes that’s all you need.

If I were to add another strand, I would probably aim to have a strand of just the smaller square beads, mainly to keep the primary focus on the larger rounder beads.

Statement Necklaces Don’t Need To Break Your Bank Account

I hope this post has helped you see that it’s possible to create your statement necklace without spending a fortune on high-end luxury items. Statement necklaces are versatile because they don’t need to be these massive chunky pieces either, they have to add something to your wardrobe. All in, the materials for all of these necklaces probably cost me around $100. Some of the more complex necklaces take a little longer than 20 minutes to make, but most of these can be made in an afternoon, as well.

So if you’re suitably inspired, I’d love for you to spread the love and share this post on social media or leave a comment below. Also, please pin this to Pinterest!

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That’s all for this week; my next post will be all about making your own festive Christmas jewelry, so be sure to tune in then! Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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