3 Clever & Stunning Halloween Costume Jewelry Ideas To Try

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Do you want to learn how to make Halloween Costume Jewelry that doesn’t suck and fall apart after one use, like so many pieces that are included in costumes you can buy at Walmart or Party City? This post can definitely set you on the right path to creating beautiful custom pieces that are sure to make your costume a hit at your next Halloween party.

While sometimes making your own jewelry can cost a little more, I think it’s worthwhile because you’ll be creating pieces that last years versus something that might break apart the first time you wear it. And when you’re creating your own jewelry, you have complete creative control of it. Which means you can customize it to be exactly what you want and need.

Are you ready to get creative? Let’s get started!

Fit For A Princess

A bonus tip, buy two copies of the same necklace, one can remain a necklace, while the other becomes your crown!

Princesses will always be a popular costume for Halloween. And every princess needs a sparkly crown or tiara to complete her look. While I created my tiara for an adult, you can easily adapt this craft to suit the smaller princesses in your life.

What You Need:

  • A Jeweled Necklace (I found mine on Amazon).
    • I used a black necklace, but pick whatever color suits you best!
  • Jewelry Pliers.
  • Jewelry Wire (I went with a clear one).
  • A headband (Plain plastic works).
  • Hot glue gun & glue.

Your first step will be to remove the chain from the back of the necklace. That’s where your pliers will come in handy as they can pry off the metal pieces holding the chain onto the rest of the necklace.

You begin with a pretty chunky necklace
After removing the chain, you should be left with this nice chunky bit for the tiara

Next, check your headband to see if it’s got a front and back end. Look for any sign on the arms that they have “right” and a “left” side. Headbands that have this are more comfortable if you wear them that way, so if you have a proper way to wear the headband, make sure you keep that in mind from now on.

Now you will want to size up how you’d like your necklace to attach to the headband. In my case, my necklace had three points where the necklace lined up nicely with the headband, so I marked with a sharpie on the headband where those pieces touched. Then you’ll want to add a dollop of glue to those points and attach that necklace on.

Don’t be afraid to use a lot of glue. You’ll find you need more than you think you do!!

Glue the necklace to the headband and then wrap with wire to complete

Once you have allowed the glue to dry, it’s time to wire that tiara up. The jewelry wire will create a more secure attachment between your necklace piece and the headband. All you do is take your wire or cord and wrap it around the headband and the necklace as securely as you can. For extra hold, you can add another dollop of hot glue to the knots you make at the end of your cord.

Allow that glue to dry completely and then you can crown yourself and head off to the ball. For a little extra sparkle, go head and buy two copies of the same necklace. That way, you have a matching necklace for your tiara!

After the glue dries, your tiara is ready to wear!

Driving People Batty

all that remains is to attach everything up and you are ready to bat!

Witches have been a common Halloween costume and I love dressing up as one for Halloween. They’re so much to play.

What You Need:

  • A black or dark metal jewelry chain.
  • Black beads.
  • Bat Findings (You might need to go online to find these).
  • Earring Hooks.
  • Eye Pins.
  • Jewelry Pliers.

Begin by measuring out your chain. I lucked out with mine, and it was already the right length. If you aren’t as lucky, use some wire snips to cut it down to the size you’d like. You might also need to attach a closure for it (such as a lobster claw).

I began by measuring out what I wanted for my witchy necklace

Next step is to make two beaded chains with your black beads. Instead of sliding each bead onto some jewelry wire, you’re going to make ten eye pins with a black bead in the center. You’ll then connect five to make the two chains. You can also make the eye pin chains longer too.

Then you will connect your chains to your bat finding. Then make another smaller chain to connect a smaller bat to the larger finding. Finally, you connect everything to your necklace chain and presto, your necklace is ready to wear.

If you’d like to make matching earrings, all you need to do is create two beaded eye pins and then connect a bat finding to each and an earring hook.

These earrings are simple, but oh so batty!

Beauty From The Nile

All done and ready for the nile!

Cleopatra has enchanted many people over the years and you can usually find a Cleo costume in among the standard order most stores will get for the year. For this project, we’re going to create a beautiful turquoise headpiece.

What You Need:

  • Silver jewelry chains (if you can find one with turquoise beads already in it, even better).
  • Turquoise beads.
  • Silver findings (jump rings and eye pins).

Begin by measuring out one length of silver chain. You want this one to sit snugly on your head, so if needed, shorten it and secure it as a solid piece.

Begin with a turquoise beaded chain and a plain silver chain

To create a “drapey” look, you then will take a silver chain that is longer than the first chain. The longer it is, the “drapier” your headpiece will be. You can attach the two chains together using split rings at the front and back and more along the sides if needed.

Attach your tear drops to your eye pin and turquoise bead

Finally, take some teardrop turquoise beads and attach them to an eye pin and then attach the finished bit to your crown. You can do several of these along the sides to give your crown just a little more oomph.

Final Thoughts on Halloween Costume Jewelry

The pre-made jewelry pieces that come with a costume kit are often rather flimsy. That is why I recommend taking the time to figure out how to upgrade your Halloween costume jewelry ahead of time. While I only covered three potential costumes here, you can find heaps of inspiration on YouTube and Pinterest that are sure to allow you to create the perfect pieces for your Halloween look. If you’re adventurous, you might decide to sew your own costume from scratch for a completely custom look!

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Until next time, stay crafty everyone!!

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