16 Absolutely Clever DIY Halloween Costumes To Make This Year

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Halloween Costumes can be quite expensive to buy a ready-made option in the store. There is also the distinct possibility that you might encounter another person with that same costume if you take the store-bought route.

Making your own Halloween costume can save you some money as well as create something that is uniquely your own.

Alright, let’s dive into some absolutely brilliant Halloween costumes to try out this year, shall we?

Ghost – Spruced Up

Anyone can throw a white sheet over their head with some cut outs and be a ghost, but this costume involves being a little more inventive.

To start this costume off right, you’re going to want to find gray clothing. Ideally, you’re going to want to find a few different shades of gray for some added depth to your costume. If you have time, pop into your local thrift store to see if you can get your hands on some more vintage styles in gray.

Follow that up with a spooky bit of makeup. Check out Cosmopolitan’s Halloween How To: Stitched Mouth Makeup.

The No-Sew Witch

This clever idea comes from Delia Creates’ No-Sew Halloween Spiderweb Cape. The best part about this idea is once you’ve made the cape, all you need is your favorite black dress, some green tights and a pair of black heels (or if you’re klutzy like me, maybe some flats).

Add a jaunty witch’s hat if you have one, but I don’t think it’s necessary for this look.

The Handmaid’s Tale

Inspired by the absolutely amazing television series, you can easily throw together a beautiful handmaid costume. Find a modest red dress and check out Upstyle Daily’s How to Sew a DIY Bonnet for the Ultimate Handmaid’s Tale Costume.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

This iconic look is simple to replicate and instantly classy. Grab yourself a gorgeous black sheath dress, black kitten heels, and make your own pearl necklace.

Learn How to Make a Gorgeous Three Strand Pearl Necklace. Just note that you’ll want to make sure the length of the necklace is close to the collar of your dress!

Finish the look with black elbow-length gloves and a fake cigarette holder (you could simply paint a long wooden dowel to create that look).

Doll Yourself Up – Paper Style!

Grab some poster paper and create a dress to your liking. Don’t forget to add in some tabs and attach to your clothing. Then select your makeup and hair and you are ready to party!

Frida Kahlo

Of course you will need her iconic unibrow, but also essential to Frida is her gorgeous headdress of flowers and colorful Mexican style dresses. To really sell this look, find a stuffed animal monkey to sit on your shoulder!

Roaring 20s Flapper Girl

Here's my flapper look, before I decided to add another strand to the gold headpiece!

The flapper girl is a pretty common Halloween costume and most places that sell costumes will have one of these for you.

However, it’s so much easier to make your own, check out How to Make an Amazing DIY Flapper Costume For Your Next Party. It is unnecessary to go with a black dress like I did. I’ve seen everything from light pink to glittery gold as well! Pick your favorite flashiest color and find a fringe to match!

Queen of the Nile

The effect is a pretty hanging down effect!

Cleopatra ruled Egypt thousands of years ago, but she has been the source of endless story telling material by filmmakers, writers and artists alike. To get her look, you’ll want to find a sleeveless maxi dress in white or black (or even better – gold!).

Next, you will want to outfit yourself with a black bob wig, attaching some gold findings to the tips. Or you can dress your hair up with a jeweled headdress. You can make your own by following my tutorial in How to Make Your Own Stunning Halloween Costume Jewelry – 3 Clever Ideas.

Finish your look with some cuff bracelets and you will be ready to rule ancient Egypt!

Carmen Sandiego

Have you ever played the computer game Where in The World is Carmen Sandiego? I loved that game growing up, so much so that my fourth-grade teacher originally thought I’d somehow cheated on a geography exam because I knew the answers thanks to the game!

Carmen was famous for her mysterious red trench coat and wide-brimmed hat. Head to the thrift store to see if you can find just what you need!

If you can’t find a trench in that iconic red color, find a suitable jacket (such as a pea coat) and dye it. I wouldn’t recommend trying to dye a trench coat as they often have weather proofing on them. You will want to use a bit more dye than needed as well, for the best results.

Regina George

All you need to become Regina George is a fetch tank top with "boob holes" cut into it.

If you’ve lived under a rock and haven’t watched “Mean Girls”, seriously you should go watch that movie.

And if you have seen the movie, then you’ll remember the scene where Regina wore her cut up shirt and started a brand new trend! All you need is a black mini-skirt, white tank top, colorful bra and a cardigan.

Simply cut “boob-holes” into your tank top and you are ready for your special fashion moment!

Create a Burn Book if you really want to bring it home.

Pun-ny Ideas

I love a good pun, and some puns are perfect for creating clever Halloween Costumes. Think a formal gown with a sash that says “apology” (for a formal apology) or a Hawaiian shirt with boxing gloves (Hawaiian Punch).

Pick your favorite pun and just brainstorm how best to bring that to life in a costume!

Adorable Scarecrow

Some black eyeliner and red lipstick are basically all you need to make yourself into a pretty little scarecrow!

Halloween Costumes that are comfortable are some of my favorite ideas. What’s not to like? You get to wear jeans with a flannel shirt. The real trick to this costume is the makeup.

Check out Shaaanxo’s YouTube Tutorial and maybe find a nice straw hat to cap everything off with.

A Sim

If you’re a fan of the video game The Sims, this costume is for you. Pick your favorite outfit and craft a headband with a little plumbob attached to it. Check out Lorraine Stanick’s brilliant tutorial on YouTube for more information!

Bath Loofah

Tulle and elastic combine in this costume to create your perfect bath loofah. Simply arrange your tulle in a loofah-like pattern and you’ll be ready to mingle.

Make Yourself a Drink

I love a good margarita, and if you’re a fan, grab a green dress, fashion a cardboard lime, and make a straw with an empty paper towel roll. Attach your lime and straw to a headband and mix and mingle.

Crazy Cat Lady

Seriously, a costume with a bathrobe? I’m sold! Find your comfiest robe and slippers and find some stuffed animal cats to accompany you to the party!

For extra panache, put your hair in curlers!

Final Thoughts on Halloween Costumes

The best part about DIYing your own Halloween costumes is that you can create a completely custom look that you can’t wait to wear for parties or for trick or treating with family! I hope you found something delightfully inspiring among these 16 ideas inspired by books, fashion eras and people!

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Until next time, stay crafty all!

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