9 Easy Easter Craft Ideas

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Easter craft ideas just in time for Easter!

Yep, another Easter post. This time it’s all about Easter decor and getting your home into “eggcelent” shape. Many of these projects you can do yourself with some materials obtained from Amazon, Walmart, Michaels or even the Dollar Store. You can check out my earlier post about how to source materials for your crafting projects here. So without further ado, here is a list post of my favorite Easter Craft Ideas!

Indoor Decor

Easter crafting doesn't have to be hard, sometimes you just need some eggs and some pastel or white ornaments and you're good!

We’ll start indoors, with a little bit of inspiration and some work you can make your home look perfect for the Easter bunny.

Easter Eggs

You can’t have Easter without decorated eggs. Head to Pinterest for inspiration and tips to decorate your plain old eggs into something. My favorite tutorial is from A Crafted Passion to create your own galaxy eggs!

Easter Bunny Pots

These are really cute. All you need is some clay pots, some fake greenery of your choice, cotton balls, some felt sheets, and a glue gun and scissors. You can check out the full tutorial at Southern In Law. These would make excellent table centerpieces or even give them away as cute little gifts!

Unusual Vases with Spring Flowers

An easy way to class up a table setting is to pick some lovely spring flowers (like sweet peas or tulips) and put them in an odd “vase” like a cute teapot or a pastel colored vase for the Easter look!

Outdoor Decor

Sometimes a wreath with some greenery and spring flowers is all you need!

Don’t neglect your exterior! Check out these neat tips to bring a little bit of pastel to your outdoor spaces.

Pastel Wreath

How to Nest For Less offers a neat and simple way to create a cool wreath using pink, white, green and blue wire mesh and some sweet easter eggs.

Easter Egg Wreath

Wine and Glue has a sweet little tutorial (including a video tutorial!) on how to use embroidery thread and some balloons to make a cool pastel egg wreath!

Easter Bunny Wreath


This one is a fun wreath, using feather boas, wire wreaths and some felting for the ears. Crafts Unleashed has the full tutorial if you are interested.

Bunny Crossing Sign

Confessions of a Serial DIYer has a cute little idea for a wooden sign. As you know from my previous post on the subject, they’re a decor item that I’ve taken an interest in. This particular craft puts an Easter spin on it!

Easter Planters

If you have a planter you want to use (or have found one that you’re in love with), add some spring flowers and some pastel eggs and bunnies for some added Easter appeal.

Easter Bunny Door

If you have a tree, craft yourself a wooden door (painted pastel for the season!) to attach to the bottom and create a pathway using pebbles or rocks. For some added punch, gather up some Easter themed decor to spice that up.

Final Thoughts – Easter Craft Ideas Are Fun!

I always try to have fun with my seasonal crafting and decorating for Easter is no exception. I hope you were suitably inspired by the nine crafts above. If you liked this post, please pin it to Pinterest or share to your other favorite social network using the sharing buttons!

Easter craft ideas just in time for Easter!

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Next week will be all about making your own bath bombs and whether it’s easiest to simply get a kit or start completely from scratch! Until then, stay crafty my friends!

Easter craft ideas just in time for Easter!
Easter craft ideas just in time for Easter!

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