10 Incredible Ideas For Easter Dinner

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Easter food can be fun to prepare and serve, check out my tips!

I wanted to get out an Easter themed post, at least a little bit in advance of the main event. This week’s post is all about Easter food! Easter is another ‘family’ type event, like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but there are also parties held among friends. This post will hopefully help you out if you are planning an Easter get together or find yourself invited to one and you wish to contribute to the food spread. I kept things relatively simple, but if you’re looking for something more than what I’ve got here, I recommend searching through Pinterest for your inspiration, there are tons of ideas there, and you’re sure to find one that inspires you.

Some Basic Things You May Need

  • Baking Pans (you can find cool ones on Amazon, Wilton and Nordic Ware are great brands)
  • Pastel colored icing colors
  • Easter candies (like mini eggs or the Easter M&Ms)
  • Serving dishes

For each of the below recipes, you may need a bit more, definitely read through any of the ones you intend to try and make a list of all the items you think you will need to make sure you have everything on hand before you begin. Now on with the Easter food ideas!

Easter food planning can be tough, but with some inspiration you can feel less overwhelmed!

Appetizer Ideas

Appies are a great way to kick off an Easter dinner, in addition to the two recipes below, you can have veggie trays and other finger foods to keep your guests happy while you cook the main event!

Carrot Cheese Ball

Family Fresh Meals has the goods on this super simple, but tasty appetizer! If you like cheese, you make a cream cheese concoction, form it into a carrot shape, get some parsley for the “leaves” and serve with crackers or pretzels.

Bunny Spinach Dip

I’m a huge spinach dip fan, and I would have never thought to do this. However, I ended up at Its Always Autumn and was inspired! With a tube of crescent rolls and spinach dip. You can also substitute your favorite dip instead of the spinach dip if you aren’t a fan.

Main Meal and Side Dish Ideas

Ham is a popular dish for easter dinner, but side dishes are also important!

Ham is a favorite Easter dish, along with lamb. My family isn’t big on lamb, but we have a ham every Easter, and I love coming up with new ways to cook it and fresh side dishes to accompany it.

Reisling Peach Glazed Ham

I’m a huge fan of cooking with wine, the right kind of wine can add just an extra bit of punch to your dish. The peach preserves add another unique layer to a pretty standard holiday dish. You can head over to Real Housemoms for the full scoop on the recipe.

Roasted Greek Potatoes

I love roasted potatoes and these just sound divine with their lemon and garlic! I’d take these any day over the regular mashed or scalloped potatoes. Check out the recipe at The Mediterranean Dish.

Roasted Balsamic Asparagus

I love roasted asparagus, and I like the idea of adding some balsamic vinegar and parmesan! The Yellow Bliss Road is where I found this delightful and exciting recipe.

Blueberry Feta Salad

Blueberries? Feta? Almonds? Sign me up. Lemon Tree Dwelling is where I found this unique and unusual salad combination, and it’s delicious!


Easter desserts are fun to make and fun to eat! Easter desserts are fun to make and fun to eat!

I sneakily saved these for last, because seriously, who wants to deal with all those plain old appetizers and main & side dishes when you can stuff your face with these Easter goodies!?

Bunny Pawprint Cookies

It’s a variation of the thumbprint cookie, and they’re freaking adorable! Thanks to The Bearfoot Baker, I have found my new favorite Easter cookie!

Malted Chocolate Easter Cake

If you’ve read any of my food posts before, you’ve probably at least got a good hint that I believe chocolate can solve most problems. Glorious Treats did not disappoint when I clicked on the link.

No Bake Easter Cheesecake

I rarely do a dessert section post without a cheesecake, because, honestly it’s my favorite dessert! These are nice because they are mini, individual sized. An added plus is you don’t have to bake them! Sugar Hero is where you can go to find out more.

Easter Macarons

Easter macarons are a great idea if you know how to make these neat little French desserts!

This French treat is a favorite dessert and making them “easter colored” is a great way to adapt them to your Easter supper. You can check out Hip Foodie Mom for further details.

Wrapping it all Up

So Easter is another “big family meal” type of holiday, at least in my family. I hope you found inspiration in my suggestions and I hope you enjoy making these dishes (and I hope you enjoy eating them even more!). If you found this post inspiring, be sure to leave a comment down below and share this content to Pinterest or your other favorite social media platform and spread the love.

Easter food can be fun to prepare and serve, check out my tips!

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Now that I’ve given you some food for thought when it comes to Easter dinner, next week I’ll inspire you on how to decorate your house for this spring holiday, so until then, stay crafty my friends!

Easter food planning can be tough, check out my inspiring dishes! Easter food planning can be tough, check out my inspiring dishes!

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