How to Make a Statement Necklace

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What Is a Statement Necklace and Why Do I Need One?

A Statement Necklace is a necklace that makes a huge statement when you put it on. Often these pieces are quite elaborate and flashy.

I love a good statement necklace. It can instantly add sparkle and intrigue to a relatively tame outfit. It can be a conversation starter as well. In short, there’s nothing better than a unique statement necklace. Did you know you can make your own? This week, I’m going to show you exactly how you do it, by creating a statement necklace for myself. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

What You Need

Before you get going, you’re going to need the materials that make up your necklace. I found my items in a few places, but you will need the following (Where I got the item listed in brackets for ease of shopping):

  1. Jewelry Wire (Michaels)
  2. Pendant (Michaels)
  3. Beads (Amazon, specifically LolliBeads (TM) Wholesale Mix Lot 10 mm Briolette Faceted Rondelle Crystal Glass Beads For Jewelry Making with Container Box (300 pcs))
  4. Silver accent beads (Amazon, specifically jennysun2010 Czech Crystal Rhinestone 18K Silver Plated 8mm Clear Round Rondelle Straight Edge Spacer Beads 100pcs per Bag for Bracelet Necklace Earrings Jewelry Making Crafts Design)
  5. Findings (I used jump rings and crimp tubes bought at Michaels)
  6. Chain (I ordered a nice looking jewelry chain through Amazon, it hasn’t arrived yet, but I’ll update this post with the finished project when it does!)


You don’t require a whole lot to get going, but you’ll need some pliers.

  1. Round nose pliers
  2. Crimper

I have a fantastic kit that I bought a few months ago on Amazon and it has pretty much anything you’ll need for under $50 (This Jewelry Making Tool Kit Has It All, Jewelry Pliers, Helping Hand Magnifier Stand, Needle Nose Pliers, Wire Wrapping Tools, Bead Crimper Pliers, Beading Needles, Beading Line, Thread Snip, Caliper, Awl, Tweezers, a Threader It Is Ready For Gifting). It even comes in a handy zippered carrying case for extra portability! Signature Tools has a lot of different packages available as well, and I am happy with their products, so I highly recommend you check them out. If the kit I have is too expensive, I’m sure you can find something that fits your budget better.

So as you can see, I have all my equipment and beads and findings assembled. So I’m ready to get started, how about you?

Here are all my supplies assembled, let's get started!


For necklaces, you have to choose a length. I like longer necklaces myself, they tend to fit better with most of my wardrobe. The first rule of jewelry making is that if you want a necklace that is 60 inches long, you can make a necklace that’s 60 inches long! It is your choice! My necklace is what I call a half-beaded necklace. The front bit is beaded, but the remaining part is a chain that secures in the back. I sadly did not have the chain for the back at the time of this post (I seriously need to organize my beading supplies better, but that’s another story for another day).

Attaching the Pendant

I always attach the pendant in the middle of the wire. I used two jump rings, using a crimp tube to secure the assembly to the wire. The pendant is twisting a bit more than I’d like, but for now, I’ll leave it and see how it hangs once it’s completed. Sometimes once you’re all finished with a project, you find things work out just fine on their own. It’s a heavy enough pendant that it might be fine once I have the chain on it and am wearing it, otherwise, I may take out one of the jump rings and see how that works.

This project includes a purple arrowhead style pendant!


Next step, I began stringing my beads on the wire. I used a 3-spacer-3 pattern. So three purple beads, a diamond spacer, and 3 smoky beads basically until I had five “clusters” of purple beads on each side of the necklace.

I used alternating purple and smokey coloured crystal beads, accented with some silver and diamond spacer beads

Finishing off the necklace, I made a loop and crimped it off at each end. When the jewelry chain I ordered through Amazon arrives, I’ll attach the chain to those loops. I use my round nose pliers to essentially size out the “loop” in the wire and then a crimp tube to secure it.

This necklace is almost done, just needs the final chain to be attached to form the back end, with the clasp

And that’s it! Necklace made! It took me about twenty minutes from start to finish, maybe a little longer as I experimented with beading sequences.

I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial, if you did, please share it with your friends using one of the social share buttons. Also if you have any questions or comments for me, I’d love to hear from you, drop a comment down below.
Statement Necklaces can make or break an outfit, see how easy it is to make a beautiful statement necklace today! #jewelrymaking #jewelry #necklace

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