5 Astonishing Resin Decor Ideas You Will Love

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Epoxy resin is one of my favorite crafting mediums, and this week, I’m going to share some creative ideas for resin decor with you. Even as a beginner, you will be able to complete these crafts, and most will not take you more than an hour or so (not including the setting time of resin, of course).

I think one of the reasons using resin just seems so daunting for most is because it’s permanent once it’s set. Of course, you can sand and cut it with some power tools, but generally, once it’s cured, you aren’t going to have the option of removing it. However, knowing how to craft with epoxy resin opens up a whole new level of decor ideas for your home. I’m going to share six of my favorite ways to enhance or create things for your home using epoxy resin, but you can find so many ideas on Pinterest.

Basic Materials To Get Started:

For all of these crafts, you may wish to look at the following:

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Resin Coasters

All  you really need for a resin coaster is a mold, resin and some things to stick in the resin!
Some shell pieces and clear resin in a square mold make this coaster. I wrote the quote using a paint marker after the resin cured!

Probably the easiest way to get started with epoxy resin is to try your hand at coasters. You can find various silicon coaster molds through places like Amazon, or you can even look at creating your own (Check out this helpful article from Resin Crafts to learn more!).

Once you have your molds, you just need to mix your resin according to the instructions. Then you can add paints to dye it, or glitter to just give it a bit of sparkle and pour it into your mold. You can also add things like a comic book to the resin for a fun look like I did.

Coasters are the easiest DIY resin decor craft you can get started with. This coaster was made with clear resin and a comic book in a hexagonal mold!
Clear resin, a cut up comic book and a hexagonal resin mold is all you need to get this coaster!

Another cool option is if you have a wooden coaster with a cutout, simply fill in its cut-out portion. Beautiful, check this YouTube video from Casual DIY to learn how to do it for yourself!

Resin Serving Tray

A simple wooden tray can be customized with resin, instead of just putting stuff in it like in this photo!
Instead of just putting stuff in a plain wooden tray, resin can create something custom for you!

You can skip the molds for this craft as the serving tray’s bottom will serve as your “mold.” You can find craft wood trays unfinished in most stores that have crafting departments or online retailers like Amazon.

I start by planning out the resin colors I’d like (you can use acrylic craft paint to “dye” your resin) and pick a complementary color for my tray. Paint the tray and allow it to dry completely.

Mix the resin colors you’d like and pour them abstractly into the inside bottom of the tray. You’ll create a thin layer along the bottom. If desired, you can use a craft heat gun to blow around the colors and swirl them together.

Another fun option is to add objects to clear resin for the tray. For example, you can line the bottom with candy hearts for a fun Valentine’s day theme or use an assortment of tree disks to create a more “rustic look.” You don’t need to dye the resin in this case, just pour it clear on top of these and let it cure completely before using.

Cutting Board (And Other Kitchen Utensils)

A plain old wood cutting board like this one can be enhanced with some resin along the handle!
Dripping some resin along the handle of a regular wood cutting board like the one pictured is a simple resin decor craft!

I’ve seen these offered on Etsy, and they are beautiful. The final look of these is a “dipped” look. You can buy wooden cutting boards and spoons at most home stores or big-box retailers like Wal-mart.

You can check out a helpful video on YouTube from Tracey Creating!

Making a Beachy Look

You can switch up the previous crafts a little by creating an ocean look. The key here is to have white dyed resin to combine with blue dyed resin. You’ll want a heat gun or a piece of straw to pull through the white resin so that it spreads a bit into the blue and creates a “wave” look.

You can accomplish the beachy look by mixing different blue-dyed resin shades and blending them in with a sandy layer and white resin for the waves. You can check out this beneficial video from Sheri Vegas on YouTube if you’re interested!

Canvas Pouring

An art canvas, pictured, can make a perfect resin medium!
If you have a canvas, you can create your own custom resin art piece!

You have no doubt seen these creeping up on your Pinterest and Facebook feeds (well, maybe it’s just me because I have a crafting obsession), people are charging a ton of money for these, and I think it’s crazy because these are easy to make!

Note, you will need a larger work area than a regular cardboard box. I don’t have a garage myself, so I’m going to need to convince someone with one somehow to let me borrow it for 72 hours.

However, if you have a workshop or garage area where you can store a canvas for 72 hours or the length of time it takes your resin to cure correctly, this craft is relatively easy to pull off!

To learn more, I highly recommend checking out this helpful post from the Instructables Workshop, which will give you some fantastic pointers to get started!

Final Thoughts on Resin Decor

I love using epoxy resin, and I’m sure you will too. When you start to use it, I recommend picking a small project and taking your time. You have plenty of time before the resin hardens enough that you can no longer work it, so don’t rush.

A bit of patience, and you too can have custom resin decor pieces placed throughout your home. Creating your own things can be so rewarding!

Share your thoughts in the comments below and share this post to Pinterest (or another social media platform if Pinterest isn’t your thing)! I would love to hear from you.

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That is all for this week. My next post will be a post about how to use farmhouse decor to decorate for fall. Until then, stay crafty my friends!!

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