How to Make a Pair of Beautiful Drop Flower Earrings

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This week on the blog, I’m going to share a short and sweet flower earring tutorial. This project is perfect if you just have a few hours and want to create something gorgeous as these earrings only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete.

Learn how to make these pretty flower earrings in under an hour!
These earrings are pretty and easy to make, read on to find out!!

So a little backstory: About a month ago or so, Potomac Beads had a killer sale on their grab bags, so I bought the maximum they allow, and it cost me just under $70. I have a crazy amount of beads right now, and the variety that I got is fantastic. I’ve honestly just started to dig into my kits; however, I did find these cute Czech Bellflower beads to try out.

I found the flower beads included in the five grab bags I snagged from Potomac beads!
This is just a sample of some of the good stuff you can find in a Potomac beads grab bag!!

I just knew that creating a pair of flower earrings would be a snap with these cute little beads, and I’m going to show you how I did that. Let’s get started!

What You Will Need:

Gold findings are perfect for these flower earrings!
One of the things you’ll need for this project are some findings!

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Start By Mapping Out Your Design

With smaller projects like earrings, I will just lay out the design on the table. You can also create a sketch if you prefer, whatever will help you visualize your project. I decided to do a dangling earring design with the flowers at the bottom with varying lengths of bicone beads and connected to an eye pin with three more bicones and then connected to the earring hook. 

I also chose gold for my findings, but silver will work just as well.

As with all earrings, I start by creating one and then just create a matching one!

Bicone Eyepin

Start with your beaded eyepin with bicone beads
Begin with an eye pin with three bicone beads on them!

I started by creating an eye pin (it’s the pin with a loop on the bottom) with three bicone beads on it. Once you have strung your beads on the eye pin, you use your round nose pliers to loop off the end. Looping can be tricky, but I found this video tutorial from Beadaholique helpful.

Flower Headpins

Once you have a headpin with a flower bead and a bicone on it, attach it to your eye pin!
For each headpin, I attached some bicones above before looping it off.

Next, I created three flower headpins (headpins are the pins that look like a nail). For the darker purple flowers, I did one bicone before looping the top, two for the white flowers, and three for the lighter pink/purple.

Connecting Everything

Once you have completed your beaded eye pins and headpins, you simply connect the headpins onto one side of your beaded eye pin and then attach the earring hook to the other side. 

If you find you don’t like how your headpins are hanging on that eye pin, you can give them a bit more space by using a split ring (or jump ring) to connect all the headpins and the eye pin.

Once everything is all attached, your earring is done!!
Once everything is all connected, your earring is done and ready to wear!!

Now your flower earrings are ready for wearing!!

Note: I noticed after I made the earrings that I had two different types of gold earring hooks (oops!). If that happens, it’s easy just to switch out the hook again.

Final Thoughts

Earrings are a more complex piece of jewelry to make than a necklace or bracelet, mainly because you’re working with tinier pieces usually. These flower earrings are a bit heavier, but I do love the Czech glass style flowers, I find they are quite pretty and perfectly shaped for drop earrings. So if you ever find yourself staring at these flower beads wondering what you can do with them, wonder no further!

I hope you enjoyed this sweet and simple earring tutorial and if you did, let me know in the comments down below, share this post on social media or pin it Pinterest!

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Join me next week for a necklace tutorial, I have a few ideas I’m mulling over, so I’m not sure yet which one I’m going with, so if you like surprises as I do, come back next Sunday! Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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