7 Ways Pebbles Will Change Your Home Decor for the Better

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Are you looking to spruce up your interior a little? Did you know you don’t have to drop a ton of money to make tasteful changes?

Using pebbles (or sometimes they’re called “river rocks”) can offer an immediate and low-cost change. They can instantly add a natural or rustic look to your existing home decor. These suggestions are inexpensive to complete; beyond the river rocks themselves, you may just need a few more items to complete each suggestion.

River Rocks or pebbles such as these ones can change around a room with a natural look instantly.
Who knew these smooth little rocks could seriously supercharge your home decor!

Garden Markers

All you need for rock painting is a rock that looks like the thing you want to paint such as a lady bug
All you need for this tip is a rock and some craft paint. For garden markers, think carrots and peas, not the ladybug that I did here for a different post!

Adventure-In-A-Box is where I found this nifty idea for your garden. You can check out their tips to ensure you get the most out of your garden markers, but this idea calls for painting up some rocks into vegetables. If you’ve ever planted a garden, it’s tough to remember what you planted where, with these cute little rocks, you’ll solve your problem!

For more clever ideas using craft paint, check out Craft Paint Ideas You Need To Know About!

Pebble Boot Mat

All you need for this is a selection of river rocks and a boot mat (You want the type that is like a tray, with raised edges). Simply fill the boot mat with rocks. No need to seal it, just add an instant uplift to an old boot mat stained by salt from winter boots!

Pebble Art

You can find dozens of inspiring art pieces on Pinterest, but you simply gather rocks and arrange them into a picture. Secure them with glue and perhaps use a shadow box frame to get them framed and then hang on your wall! You can find a suitable frame at a big box store, such as Michaels, or perhaps your local dollar store.

Makeup Brush Holder

The Home Daybook came up with this neat idea to store your makeup brushes. Simply find a nice glass container (I like the square holder, but you can pick your favorite), fill it with pebbles and add your brushes. The pebbles keep your brushes upright and easily accessible for you!

Stone Sconces

I love the style of these pebble-laden sconces, and they are relatively easy and cheap to make as well. Check out the full tutorial at The Noshery! They can make a lovely accent to a bathroom or even a sitting room.

Pebble Mat

The Owner-Builder Network is the mastermind behind this sweet tutorial using these pebbles to create a neat mat. I haven’t yet tried this craft myself, so I have no idea how comfortable the mat is to walk on, but it sure looks neat!

Landscaping Ideas

Pebbles can be used in landscaping to create beautiful outdoor spaces
A pebble stone patio like this can be a beautiful addition to your outdoor garden spaces!

You can also use these stones to create unique little landscaping refreshes to your outdoor spaces. Fresh Patio has a nice list of some neat things you can create using river rocks, everything from flowers to a lizard!


River rocks or pebbles can immediately add a beautiful and natural touch to your home decor, and it is super easy to create a piece with very little effort and cost.

Which idea appeals to you most? Let me know down below in the comments.

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Pebbles are a great way to spruce up your home spaces, check out my suggestions today!

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