39 Attractive Vases You’ll Want To Create For Yourself

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The weather is starting to turn decidedly gorgeous where I live right now, and that immediately turns my thoughts to lovely flowers. When I think flowers, I think about ways to decorate my house with fresh cut flowers from the garden and that immediately means thinking about vases.

Specifically, I like to create my own vases because I can customize a boring store-bought vase into something that is a statement piece in my house. This week’s blog post is all about 39 inspiring ways you can DIY vases without breaking your bank account. Most of these ideas involve some painting, but generally, they are inexpensive to create. You can find most of the materials for these projects at your local dollar store or hardware store, and if you have vases that you already want to upcycle, you’re already ahead of the game! Most of these creations involve glass vases, but as you scroll down, you’ll see other ideas using anything from tin cans to mason jars! Let’s get inspired! 

Glass Vase Ideas

There's nothing quite like a lovely vase of flowers, a simple glass vase can easily be DIYed into a beautiful creation!
Glass vases are easy to DIY!

All of the ideas in this section are all about using a plain old glass vase and creating something unique and beautiful by adding paint or some other fascinating cover! When creating DIY vases with glass, you may want to consider buying a sealer as the paint is prone to chip and wash off the smooth surface!

Glass Etching Vases

You can create a beautiful look on a glass vase with frosted spray paint. Simply take a glass vase that you want to “etch” and use painters tape to cover the parts you don’t wish to frost. You can create words, designs, anything your heart desires!

Marbled Vases

I love the beautiful cloudy look of this design idea from Lantern Lane Designs. All you need is some acrylic paint and nail polish. If blue isn’t your color, experiment with some different colors and get the look you want!

Hobnail Milk Glass Style

This design uses a plain old glass bubble vase from the dollar store, adhesive pearl stickers, and some white spray paint. You’ll need a bit of patience, too, as it will take multiple coats to cover up the stickers! You can check out the full tutorial at Little House of Four!

Mercury Glass Vases

I love the look of mercury glass, and there’s just something so pretty and unique about it. You can snag some plain glass containers at the dollar store or a thrift store. You can check out the easy tutorial at Hometalk

Marble Dipped Vases

I love the marbled look, and it can be even more unique by making a simple marble dip pattern on your glass vase. All you do is use painter’s tape to cover the parts of your vase that you don’t want marbled. For more details, please check out Curbly!

Cement Covered Vases

An old glass vase can become a beautifully unique cement covered one with this simple tutorial from Home Talk

Ombre Painted Vases

Ombre styles are unique and seem to be all the rage right now. If you want this style, you can check out the full details at My Fair Olinda. She has some great tips to get the look that you want!

Balloon Vases

I love this simple, yet colorful idea from Brit+Co. All you need are some bud vases, even shot glasses, balloons and some flowers. You’re covering up your vase with a balloon for an instant pop of color.

Gem Design Vase

If you like bling, don’t underestimate the appeal of taking a glass vase and using some sparkly gems to create a beautiful design. I recommend using a hot glue gun to attach them to the glass, it should create a lasting design for you.

Rope-wrapped Vases

All you need for this is some burlap rope and a vase to wrap. How to Nest for Less has the full tutorial for you, if you’re interested in creating one of these rustic looking beauties for yourself!

A Bookish Vase

I generally don’t craft with book pages because I read and re-read my books all the time, but if you have a book that’s beyond damaged, you can upcycle it into this delightful vase with some mod podge. Check out this sleek five minute craft that’s also from How to Next For Less!

Alcohol Ink Dripped Vase

Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog is where I found this lovely idea to use alcohol ink on a glass vase. Simply invert your vase on a drop cloth and “dribble” the paint down the side! Use different colors and lengths of drips to create a unique pattern.

Enamel Painted Vases

I love how bold these vases look, and you can check them out at Sugar and Charm. The tutorial is quite easy to follow, and you just need a few materials to go after the look you want.

Design Label Vases

An incredibly simple yet unique way to jazz up a plain old glass vase. The Cosmo Diaries is where you can find the full scoop, with your design label and some trusty mod podge, you too can have “designer flowers.”

Tapey Vases

Painters Tape or even elastic bands are used to keep smaller parts of your glass vase clear while you spray paint the rest into a cool metallic or pastel shade.

Candy Filled Vases

I recommend using fake flowers for this, but you can fill a glass vase with some colorful candies and then stick an empty toilet paper roll into the center where you can hold the flowers. Boom, done.

Black And White Vases

The black and white trend is viral right now, and it shows no signs of really going away. I have to admit to myself, and I do quite like the simplicity of it as well. If you’re a fan, you’ll love this tutorial from Taryn Whiteaker, using old ceramic vases and chalk paint!

Tissue Paper Vases

Mod Podge is a crafter’s best friend, and it should come as no surprise that at least one of these ideas would come straight from the Mod Podge Rocks blog! All you need for this one is a glass vase, tissue paper, die cutter, and your trusty jar of mod podge!

Holographic Vases

I love the idea of using holographic vinyl film on a glass vase. If the idea intrigues you, please check out the full details from A Beautiful Mess! The result is a clean, yet feminine vase that will fit right in with most decor schemes!

Mosaic Vases

I love mosaic tiles, and they can be used to create gorgeous and unique designs. If you have some mosaic tiles and want to add a little inspiration to a plain ceramic or glass vase, be sure to check out Live DIY Ideas.

DIY Seaglass Vases

Did you know you can use Elmer’s glue and food coloring to create a sea glass effect? Neither did I until I found this beautiful idea from Meaningful Mama! Take any glass vase you want to color and paint on what is mostly colored glue! Done!

Glass Bottle Vases

Wine bottles make great DIY vases - once you're finished drinking the wine inside!
Wine glasses make amazing vases – once you’re finished drinking the wine of course!

These vase ideas are all about using a wine bottle or beer bottle to create a delightful vase for your table or shelf. You can also use milk jars or other glass jars too if you’d instead pick something that’s not a “proper” glass vase!

Beer bottle vases

I found this idea on the First Day Of Home, and it’s a gorgeous way to use up old beer bottles. You simply grab some chalk paint and perhaps some sealer (it might help if you plan on using real flowers and need water) and get down to some painting.

Wine Bottle Vase

This idea is seriously chic, and I was ecstatic to find the idea By Brittany Goldwyn, all you need is an old wine bottle, white paint, gold paint, and some metallic paint. Gorgeous and super stylish!

Stripey Glass Bottles

Upcycling old glass bottles into vases is incredibly easy, and you can check out the full scoop on the Pottery Barn Blog. It’s a unique way to add a pop of color to your decor and still keep things super classy.

Mason Jar Vases

Mason jars are perfect vases, if you dislike the plain glass look there are a number of ways to dress them up!
Mason jars are perfect to transform into a DIY vase!

Mason jars are great for an instant vase, and I have a few mason jar blog articles kicking around here (and I will probably do another post or two in the future). I like mason jars because they come in a variety of sizes, and they are relatively easy to paint and craft up into something magical.

Chalkboard Vase

This was done up for easter, but you can easily adapt this to whatever you want!

I love the idea of using blackboard (or chalkboard) paint on a vase. I’ve done this with a mason jar, but you can use any vase you want to for this craft. Once it’s painted, you can decorate it with chalk and then redo it whenever the mood strikes you!

Frosty Vase

I’ve seen some unique ways to dress up a mason jar, and my favorite way is a frosted look. There are two ways to create some frost on your mason jar. In my earlier post about mason jars, I used both frosted spray paint and Epsom salts to create two unique styles of mason jars. I made luminaries with these. However, you can put flowers in them instead of lights.

Glitter Bomb Vases

I love the look of glitter, and I could do without it getting everywhere. However, it does look pretty sweet. The vases Lost Mom made with glitter and some tissue paper are quite beautiful too. The secret is mod podge!

Other Unique DIY Vases

Tin cans make perfect DIY vases!
Tin cans can make perfect DIY vases!

It turns out that there are oodles of ideas for DIY vases out there! Tin cans, wooden boxes or even an old pringles tube can be used to create something magical!

DIY Pebble Pringle Tube Vase

I’m not a huge fan of Pringles, but I’m seriously in love with what Fab You Bliss did with an old Pringles tube. I love the gorgeously rustic look of the finished vase!

Rainboot Vase

A lovely rain boot can make a unique vase!
A rainboot can make a unique vase!

I included this idea in my earlier post this year about Spring Decor. It’s simple and incredibly cute. If you are using fake flowers, simply toss them into an old rain boot (if it’s a bit dirty, clean it up first). If you’d like to use real flowers, you can put them in a proper vase or container that fits inside the boot so you can still water them.

Shell Vase

Crafts Unleashed is where I found this beautiful coastal-inspired decor idea. It starts with a plain wooden box (or another container), some shells, and some hot glue. Simply glue the shells to your container in the pattern you want and then fill up with some fake greens or flowers to complete!

Birch Vases

If you are a fan of Farmhouse decor, this vase style will probably resonate with you quite a bit. You can check out the full tutorial at City Farmhouse, which uses some birch bark, a tin can, and some hot glue. I quite like the rustic, yet simple look of this.

Disco Ball Vase

If you can find a disco ball, you can make this vase. You can check out the full details at A Bubbly Life and make your very own sparkly vase!

Tin Can Photo Vase

A DIY photo vase is a great gift idea (for mother’s day or some other special day). Arizona Craft Mom is where I found this unique idea using some black and white photos, a tin can, and a few other materials.

Lampshade Vases

If you have an old glass lampshade or light fixture that you’d like to do something with, then you’ll love this idea from The House That Lars Built. You can choose the paint you want to suit your tastes, and the result is a lovely pop of color for your beautiful flowers!

Metallic Beans

A quick way to jazz up a vase is to change the filler inside. Something Turquoise came up with the ingenious idea to paint some beans! You can use dried beans or even coffee beans for this one!

Crumpled Concrete Vases

I love this inspired idea from the Instructables Workshop! Instead of just straight and boring concrete vases, you can use a crumpled can to create this uniquely beautiful piece for your flowers!

DIY Sugar Shaker Vase

If you have an old-style sugar shaker or can find one at a thrift store or dollar store, you can make this lovely little vase with some pastel paints (or another color that grabs you). Check out the full idea from The Shabby Tree!

Burlap Can Vases

Organize & Decorate Everything created a beautiful idea with an old tin can and some burlap. You use hot glue to secure it to your can and for an added flourish, some lace!

Scrabble Pieces Vase

Building on the above craft with burlap, you can use a hot glue gun to secure old scrabble pieces in a word design to your can (or even another vase if you’d rather).

Final Thoughts

DIY vases are not impossibly hard to make in most cases. With a few choice materials, some free time, and some inspiration, you can turn a plain and boring glass vase into something stunning. Custom does not have to equal “expensive” when you know what you’re aiming for. I think that most of these individual vase ideas can be accomplished for under $10 each if you’re able to find a well-stocked dollar store. 

I hope you’re as inspired as I was researching this post and I’d love to hear about your vase projects in the comments down below! Also, be sure to share this post to social media and pin it to Pinterest!

DIY Vases - 38  Ideas you'll just want to try

That is all for this week, next week I’m going to take on another decor element and write about DIY coasters that you can make for your home. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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