Beading Kits – Are They Even Worth Buying?

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I’ll be honest, I don’t normally buy beading kits. However, I do buy them when I’m trying a new jewelry-making technique. Bead weaving is something that I don’t normally do, so rather than try and gather up all the materials on my own, I just looked around for a kit that would show me the basics.

I’d been a lurker in the Potomac Beads Facebook group for a while now, dazzled by the amazing designs of some of the talented crafters on there. So last month, I purchased my very first kit from Potomac Beads.

If you’re just learning jewelry-making or expanding your knowledge (like I am), I recommend a kit because it will have everything you need to get started and create something right away. This post is not a tutorial, as the design of the necklace isn’t mine, it’s more of an explanation why I like jewelry kits and why you may want to consider using them if they fit with your style. I’ll still share my photos of my necklace because it’s super pretty!

Beading Kits Have Everything You Need (Usually)

Beading kits will usually have just what you need to get started with your jewelry project!
Beading kits come with a most everything you need to get started!

The number one reason beading kits can be useful is that they will typically have all the materials you need in them to create the project. In the case of my kit from Potomac Beads (The Anytime Necklace designed by Allie Buchman), I just needed the thread and the needles.

I didn’t have to sit on the Potomac website for hours picking out my beads (though you could if you really wanted to, they have loads of beautiful beads to browse!), instead, I was able to buy my kit, some needles, and thread.

You Don’t Have to Design Anything

Another advantage of a beading kit is that you don’t have to figure out a design. When I first started making jewelry, I typically followed a pattern or an idea and I still do for the most part, but I find now I can look at my bead supply and cobble out a necklace or bracelet design.

When first starting out, it can be really beneficial to have a kit with an instruction kit because it’ll teach you the basics and allow you to build that foundation. All without forcing you to make decisions like how many blue beads you need to buy!

The Downsides: Costs and Lack of Creativity

All crafting projects cost money, however, I sometimes find kits will be a bit more. I think in the case of mine, there was also the fact that I was paying for the design as well. I still think the upsides listed above far outweigh this little downside. The cost really wasn’t hugely exorbitant either. I’ll probably wait for a sale before I buy another kit because now I’m on their mailing list and will probably get some notice on those!

The other downside is you are stuck with what’s in the kit. There usually isn’t much room to substitute anything. However, when you’re learning something new, as I said above, it might help not to have to sit and design a project and instead focus on learning how to do it!

Final Thoughts

A pretty necklace all stringed out!
I have to admit that I quite like the flowers!

I would 100% buy a kit like this again, and I probably will to continue to learn more about bead weaving. It is different from the usual jewelry making that I’ve done in the past, but the results are quite pretty.

Overall, getting a beading kit (or a crafting kit) is an excellent idea if you’re trying something new because these kits will usually come with instructions and all the materials you need to complete the project. It can be daunting to try something new, and kits can make it easier to make that leap and decide if this type of beading is something you want to continue to dabble in or if it’s not for you at all.

I personally recommend Potomac Beads, mainly because they have a plethora of gorgeous designs to choose from.

There you have it, the main reasons why I would choose to buy a beading kit instead of just using it from my current store of beads or buying materials separately. I hope you found this useful, and I’d love it if you’d spread the love on social media and pin this post to Pinterest!

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That’s all for this week, my friends. Check out the blog next week for a post about spring food, expect loads of fruits and veggies! Until then, stay crafty!

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