6 Simple Easter Decor Ideas You’ll Want to Try Today

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Easter is just around the corner, less than 40 days now, so I wanted to get out a decor post on that subject with plenty of time for you to craft these adorable ideas for yourself.

Some of the reasons I love Easter is:

  • Pastel colors scream “spring” and a departure from winter.
  • Like Halloween and Christmas, there’s usually loads of chocolate!

Later this month, I will be putting out a food post all about Easter a little later this month, but right now, we’re going to look at Easter Decor Ideas that you are just going to want to put together for yourself. I wanted to share simple ideas that don’t take a lot of time to throw together or cost you an arm and a leg. I didn’t track my spending, but all in, I think everything on this page cost me $40. 

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Easy Easter Topiary

Easter decor ideas don't have to be complex, they can be as simple as some plastic eggs and some pipe cleaners!
A nice lovely Easter topiary is a great decor idea!

All you need for this puppy is a vase, some craft easter eggs (the plastic ones, just make sure the wider part has a little hole in the bottom like mine do) and a selection of green pipe cleaners. Simply thread your pipe cleaners up through that hole in the bottom to form the “stem” of your flower and in no time you have a lovely bouquet of eggy flowers.

When completed, just add to a vase. If your vase is clear as mine was, you can use any remaining eggs to fill it up.

Blackboard Mason Jars

Mason jars are perfect for Easter!
A mason jar, blackboard paint and chalk markers make for a cool (and reusable) container!

This craft can be changed around for numerous seasons and reasons. All you need are some mason jars and some blackboard spray paint. Simply spray a few coats on (I did about three) and once dry, use some cool chalk to draw on your bunny designs!

Carrot Place Settings

Your table settings are just begging for these cute little carrot napkin bundles!
A “carroty” table setting can add some instant Easter to your tablescape!

For this, all you’ll need are some orange napkins, green cutlery, and another green pipe cleaner. Group your cutlery and wrap the napkin around, aiming to make it as “carroty” as you can. Secure your napkin with a green pipe cleaner.

“Eggy” Lights

Some plastic eggs and some LED tealights make for some light Easter decor!
All you need are some eggs and some LED tealights!

I love how simple this is, all you need are some plastic eggs and some battery-operated LED tea lights. Simply pop the lights into your eggs and boom, lights on!

Greedy Bunny Butt

A pom pom and some felt will get you to your very own greedy bunny butt! You can stick this cutie in pots or a dish, anywhere you want to add a bunny butt to!
A pom pom and some felt and you can have your own bunny butt too!

I wrote an earlier post about how to make your own pom poms with yarn. This one involves using some craft felt with that pom-pom to make yourself a greedy little bunny digging in your garden pot (or any pot for that matter!).

If pom poms aren’t your thing, you can check out Glued To My Crafts for a bigger bunny using a styrofoam ball.

Gold Plated Easter

Some golden eggs for the glamorous easter!
I left mine a little “rougher” which I like, but if you’d rather have solid gold, you may need a few coats of spray paint!

I used gold spray paint with some eggs. You can also use a bunny rabbit that you don’t mind casting in gold. A perfect glam accessory for Easter!

Final Thoughts

Easter does not have to be another holiday that you fear will suck your bank account dry. With some simple touches here and there, using products you may already have on hand or can pick up with a quick stop at your local dollar store, you can have an adorably decorated home in time for the big day. I hope these six ideas have inspired you to go out there and create.

If they have, I’d love to hear from you. You can share it on social media, pin it to Pinterest or drop me a line down below in the comments, let me know which craft is your favorite or just say hi!

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Next week I’m going to tell you all about my first Potomac Beads order, the beautiful Anytime Necklace and what you might want to consider before you make your first order. Until then, stay crafty my friends!

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