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terrariums make a great diy project, check out my tips to make yours today!

Terrariums make for beautiful pieces of home decor, and they are incredibly versatile to hit a large number of different tastes and styles. Did you know you can make one of your own for about $30?

So if you’ve decided one of these beauties is something your decor is missing, read on my friend because this post will give you everything you need to make your very own.

What You’ll Need:

  • A container (I bought mine at Walmart, in the crafting section, you can also find them online at retailers like Amazon)
  • Potting soil
  • Rocks for drainage (I used aquarium gravel for a pop of color)
  • Activated Charcoal (Optional, but it will help with drainage and control odor)
  • Plants (Depending on the size, you’ll only need 2-3, the rule is you can’t have them touching)
  • Moss (Optional)
  • Decorative sea glass and/or other rocks (optional)

Getting Started

To get started with your own terrarium, you don't need a lot of materials!

I started by gathering up all my materials. The first step is to add in your drainage layer, about 2 inches worth (you can shorten this if your container is shallow). On top of that layer, you’ll put a thin layer of charcoal on top and then drop your potting soil on top of that.

Begin by filling the bottom of your terrarium with some rocks or aquarium gravel for drainage

Some tips for “terrarium friendly” plants, you can check out Country Living’s article!

Planting Time

Once you have your base, add soil and then your plants!

Create a small plant sized hole in your soil (if you can’t fit your hands in, you can use chopsticks to dig out what you need). Then you pop your plant in and repeat until you have planted all the plants.

Adding Personality

Once everything's planted and set, find a bright area of your home!

Once your plants are in, add your personal touches. You can use moss, rocks, even little figurines if that’s what you’d like. That is why terrariums are very versatile because you can customize them to suit your tastes and decor.

Terrarium Care

Now that you have your beautiful DIY terrarium, you can sit back and enjoy it. Pick a good spot in your house that has adequate light based on the plants you have chosen. In my case, I chose succulents that like bright light, so I picked a nice spot in the living room. It’s out of direct sunlight, but still offers plenty of natural light for them.

Succulents also will not require a lot of water, only water when the soil is completely dry as they are prone to root rot. Another tip to watch for is leaf puckering. You can get away with simply spraying them with a spray bottle, which is a great way to avoid overwatering.

Final Thoughts

Terrariums can become a beautiful addition to your home decor, and they are incredibly easy to care for. They can also add a pop of greenery to your desk at work as well! I love this particular craft/home decor project because it’s simple to make and inexpensive to obtain all the materials. I made mine for about $30, and it took me maybe about 15 minutes to put together. I also love the fact that the continued care for my terrarium is very low key, I’m a bit of a brown thumb, so any plants that require complex care is probably going to die on my watch.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post, if you did, please comment down below or share this post on social media! Sharing is caring!

terrariums make a great diy project, check out my tips to make yours today!

Check out my post on how to DIY your very own terrarium! Check out my post on how to DIY your very own terrarium!

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