5 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home For Christmas

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Are you looking for some amazing Christmas decor ideas? If so, you have found the right post. Christmas can be one of the most stressful holidays of the year, with the pressure to get that perfect gift for that special someone (or someones), so you shouldn’t have to stress about decorating your home for the holidays.

Decking your halls shouldn't break the bank, check out these simple yet beautiful Christmas decor ideas!

It’s easy to just head out to your favorite store and spend a fortune buying all kinds of decorations, but did you know you can save yourself tons of money by making your decorations? 

In this post I am going to share with you five easy ways to decorate your home just in time for Christmas. From simple, yet stylish planters for your front porch or patio, to customized ornaments, it’s easy to find Christmas decor ideas that will suit your unique tastes.

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Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Start Outside

Christmas Decor needs to start outdoors as it’s a great way to spread a little holiday cheer around your neighborhood with festive lights and other items!

Winter Planters

A great Christmas decor idea is to place a beautiful planet full of winter greens by  your door!

A pair of beautiful winter planters can frame your entryway. You don’t need a lot to get started with this Christmas decor idea either.

You will need:

  • A set of planter pots (I like the idea of galvanized pots as they have a nice rustic look);
  • Floral foam (A well-stocked dollar store might have it or you can buy it at Walmart);
  • Some winter branches and greenery, such as
    • Evergreens;
    • Berries; and,
    • Pinecones.

The next bit is easy, cut the floral green foam so that it fits into the pot. If it’s too light, you can first add a layer of rocks to weigh it down and then cover with foam. Hot glue can secure the foam into the pot.

Then it’s time to arrange those branches and other Christmas greens into the foam. Coating the bottom stems with some hot glue before sticking them in can give you a more secure fit.

Hang a Wreath On Your Door

Another great Christmas decor idea is to hang a wreath on your front door!

Wreaths are a popular outdoor decor item. They can add a pop of festive color to your door!

The best part about wreaths is you can create your own! You’ll want to look at grabbing:

  • A plain wreath (you can either get a willow or a fake evergreen one);
  • Some Christmas themed picks (You can go traditional or go nuts with some glittery sprigs);
  • Ribbon; and,
  • Other decorations, such as
    • Christmas ornament balls;
    • Other green branches, like boughs of holly; and,
    • Anything else you’d like to add in.

Like with your planters, you can use hot glue to secure all your pieces onto your wreath.

You can also get super creative. One of my favorite ideas is a snowman pop-pom wreath, like Women’s Weekly did

Now all you need is an over-the-door wreath hanger. You can find these in many stores, like Wal-mart or Canadian Tire. I recommend a plain wreath hanger if you plan on creating wreaths for different seasons, but you can find a nice Christmas themed one as well.

Deck The Halls (Indoor Ideas)

Now that your outdoor space is merry and bright, let’s take it inside for some indoor Christmas decor ideas!

Table Centerpieces

A festive table centerpiece can really create a wonderful ambiance to your home!

Similar to the winter planters outside, you can create beautiful greenery pieces indoors. They are usually smaller than outdoor planters. I like a small wooden planter because of its natural look.

Some things you’ll want to get:

Arrange everything however you like. You can use some cut floral foam to secure the picks into the container if you like. Attach everything with hot glue for a lasting bond.

DIY Ornaments

Christmas balls can easily be customized for this fun Christmas decor idea!

Christmas tree ornaments are a fun way to customize your Christmas tree this holiday season. The quickest method is to find the clear plastic ornaments that most crafting stores sell. Sometimes you can even find glass ones if you prefer. Another place to check is if your dollar store has a good craft supply aisle.

Then it’s time to customize! Some suggestions:

  • You can fill them with fake snow or Christmas branches;
  • Or fill them with thin Christmas ribbon; and,
  • Paint them – craft paint works well or you can even use nail polish!

You can even try different shaped ornaments if you can find them. I’ve seen star and oval-shaped ones from time to time.

“Sprucing Up” Existing Things

Another brilliant idea is to use some of your existing decorations in different ways. For example, hang Christmas balls on light fixtures using fishing wire or festive ribbon.

You can also try hanging ornaments in your window as well.

Final Thoughts on Christmas Decor Ideas

It always seems like you need an insane budget to decorate for Christmas, but I hope this post has shown you really don’t. I love how most of these ideas come together and without breaking your bank account. These ideas individually will cost you under $30, perhaps a bit more if you need to go out and buy a hot glue gun. If you enjoy crafting, though, a glue gun is a good multi-purpose tool you’ll want to buy eventually, anyway.

I hope your Christmas is merry and bright and please share this post on your favorite social media platform. Also, don’t forget to pin this post to your Pinterest to refer to later.

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Did you have a favorite craft in this post or perhaps I didn’t share? Let me know in the comments down below too!

Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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