13 Clever & Spooky Halloween Cocktail Recipes To Have At Your Next Party

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There is something seriously magical about Halloween cocktails. Most of them are so fun looking and are a great way to get into the spirit of the season (pun intended).

If you’ve ever planned a party, no doubt you can relate to the sheer panic that sets in when you have no freaking idea what to serve your guests. So if you’re planning a Halloween party this year and want some clever ideas for adult beverages, this post will share with you 13 ideas that are absolutely delicious. 

I recommend buying a cocktail shaker, which you can find easily in stores like Wal-mart or on Amazon. A shaker makes the mixing part of your drink go smoothly, plus they’re wicked fun to shake around! Beyond that, you do not need a lot to get started if you already have glasses on hand. 

Please enjoy it responsibly. No drinking and driving, please! 

Ready to get inspired? Let’s go!

Dark Magic Vodka Martini

All that you need to make your own Black Magic Martini!
  • 1 shot of raspberry liqueur.
  • 1 shot of vodka.
  • Club soda to top off the glass (or sparkling water).
  • Optional: Edible sparkles.

I had some Dasani wild berry sparkling water I wanted to use up, so I combined that with the vodka and liqueur for a bubbly drink and mixed in some silver sprinkles for a bit of magic. Add the sprinkles in before you add the club soda or sparkling water though, otherwise it will bubble up and over the rim!

Add all your ingredients in to get a delightful and black martini!

Shall we look at some other Halloween cocktail options for your next party?

Alien Brain Hemorrhage

Looks terrible, tastes even better! This Halloween cocktail will both delight and disgust your guests!

This drink is delicious & creamy and looks far more horrible than it tastes. Peach schnapps and Baileys form the main bit of the drink. The colors come from blue curacao and grenadine drops.

Learn how to make the drink yourself over at the Tipsy Bartender!

Drunk in the Graveyard Martini

Creamy and frightfully fun, enjoy your tiptoe through the graveyard!

If you’re a fan of chocolate, this drink might just be the ticket for you. Mixing cream liquor, chocolate vodka & triple sec, it will be a drunken treat for a Halloween party.

Get the full scoop at Chelsea Peachtree. Learn how you can make it vegan, too!

Zombie Brains

Mmmm, zombie brains! Actually strawberry puree!

I love this drink because instead of ice; you use strawberry puree (or even raspberry puree) to keep things cool, together with vodka, pomegranate juice, and orange juice. It’s a refreshing drink. I recommend using frozen fruits because they break down much easier once they’ve thawed out a little.

Learn all about it at Burrata and Bubbles!

The Red Spectre

This drink is just so...RED! It practically glows!

This drink is super refreshing. You can sub in any clear alcohol like vodka or rum if gin isn’t your thing. I love how brilliant red this turned out, it almost “glows”!

Check out the full recipe at Cocktails With Class!

The Blue Boo

Another glow drink, this time in blue!

I have a few blue drinks on this list and among them is this one, so named because of its bright electric blue appearance!

Get the recipe at Delishably!

Witch’s Brew

Delightfully sparkly and purple, the witch's brew drink in all its glory!

This drink is so freaking purple, it’s so much fun and it tastes pretty darn smooth as it’s going down. If you have some cherries on hand, they’ll look darn good in contrast to the bright purple drink!

You want a lighter hand for the food coloring. I think half of what I used will produce a brighter purple. The drink was still very good even if it was darker!

Check out all the details at My Heavenly Recipes!

The Poisoned Apple Cider Cocktail

The sparkles give this drink its poisonous appearance!

Glitter sprinkles give this drink its enchanting name, that and the apple cider. The silver sparkles I had on hand looked perfect, though gold also works well with this drink.

Find out more at The Chunky Chef.

Hocus Pocus Witch’s Brew

After drinking one of these you'll want to run amok! This is the Hocus Pocus drink!

This hocus pocus drink will make you lose focus. I am not a huge fan of gin, but this cocktail had a refreshing taste, and I loved the layering effect everything had.

Learn how you can make your own at Best Day of The Week!

Liquefied Ghosts

As if you've stuck a ghost in the blender, this drink looks like milk but packs a punch!

This martini style drink is delicious. You can substitute pretty much any white creamy liquor to create the effect you’re after if you are not a fan of vodka. 

Check out the recipe at Cooking With Curls!

Vampire’s Kiss Shot

The vampire's kiss is sure to make you feel woozy, just like if you've been kissed by a vampire!

One shot of this drink and you’ll feel you just got kissed by a vampire! If you’re feeling adventurous, serve these bad boys in test tubes!

Get the full scoop at XOXO Bella!

The Drunken Witch

Fancy a drunken witch? This drunk is sure to have you wobbling to your broom in no time!

Now this is a seriously delicious drink and the deep purple appearance has a decidedly Halloween like appearance that is sure to put you in the perfectly witchy mood!

Grab the recipe at Shake Drink Repeat!

Dusk ‘til Dawn

Like it's layered cousin the tequila sunrise, the dusk til dawn looks so much fun!

If you love a good screwdriver, then this cocktail is a spooky twist on an old classic. I was lucky enough to find Hound’s black vodka, but you can get the look by mixing regular vodka with food grade activated charcoal or some food coloring.

I love how this drink turned out with the layers. It was almost a shame to drink it!

Learn how to make your own at Best Day of the Week!

Final Thoughts on Halloween Cocktails

Whether you want to get into the seasonal spirit in a small or large group, these Halloween cocktails are perfect for your next party. From the pretty layered drinks like the Dusk ‘til Dawn or the Hocus Pocus drink to the glittery delights of the Poisoned Apple or Witches’ Brew, you will find a drink that will kick off your Halloween in style. 

My favorite thing about this collection of drinks is that most of them don’t require you to drop a fortune on alcohol or mixing products. A well-stocked bar will probably already have many of these items already for you. The only alcohol that I needed to buy for this adventure was the black vodka and the purple gin.

I hope you found this post suitably inspiring. If you did, I would appreciate a share on social media and a pin to Pinterest!

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Until next time, stay crafty, my friends!!

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