How to Make a Gorgeous Terracotta Pot Wreath Just In Time For Spring

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Whether you love the look of a wreath or just want to celebrate that spring is just around the corner (at least if you are in the northern hemisphere), then you cannot go wrong with a terracotta pot wreath made from items you can pick up in your local dollar store.

Once everything's attached, your wreath is ready to hang on your front door. You can buy over the door wreath hangers from nearly every store.

I love creating spring wreaths because the colors are always so bright and they immediately make me think of the snow melting away and the trees and plants coming alive again. It is the perfect item you need to dress up a plain front door with a generous dose of cheerful colors. You can easily enhance your front door decor by adding other brightly colored pieces of decor.

This wreath will set you back around $20 (a little more if you decide to add more things to your wreath of course) and will take you a few hours to complete. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

Materials You Will Need:

To get started making a terracotta pot wreath you don't need a lot, craft paint and pots are a good start!

I got most of my supplies at my local dollar store, though I did have to grab my terracotta pots from Amazon.

  • 12 terracotta pots 2 inches in size.
  • Craft paint in pastel colors.
  • A metal hoop.
  • Florist or jewelry making wire.
  • Paint brushes.
  • Ribbon (Wired is best).
  • Weatherproof sealer (optional).
  • Silk/fake flowers (optional).

I also suggest using an old newspaper as a work surface when painting as it makes clean-up a breeze!

Start With Paint

Darker pastel colors provide better coverage if that's what you're after!

I like to start by adding 2-3 coats of craft paint to the posts. If you want a full coverage paint, you could opt for spray paint instead of craft paint, but I like the slightly more rustic look of seeing some brush strokes on the pots when done.

Lighter colors will show more brush strokes on your pots, so you may need more coats if you prefer it to be solid.

Depending on how many pots you want to be “clustered” on your wreath, 12 pots may be too many or not enough. For my wreath, 12 was perfect!

If you plan on hanging your terracotta pot wreath outside, once the coats of paint are dry, you can seal the pots with a weather proof lacquer or sealer.

Wiring Your Pots

Adding more wire between the pots onto the wreath can stop the weight of the terracotta pots from pulling away from the wreath.

Once you have finished painting the pots and sealing them (if you plan on it), allow them to sit overnight to dry completely. Then you can start wiring them together to create the clustered look.

The trick is to attach the pots together but in different directions as you go, so they create that clustered look. You can readjust pots as you work as the wire should have some give. I found adding extra wires along the wreath helped to avoid the weight of the cluster dropping too low as well.

If you plan on using flowers to add some interest to your terra cotta pot cluster, you can use hot glue to attach them to your pots at this time as well. You can even add sparkly stickers to the pots in the same way, too, if you prefer more bling.

Attaching The Pots To Your Wreath Form

The tricky part with a solid gold ring is that the pots are heavy enough to slide around, so I recommend placing a few different wire connections along the cluster to keep the pots in position on your wreath. You can also use hot glue to hold the wire connections on the wreath too.

Once you have the ribbon wrapped around, your wreath is suitable for hanging!

Once you’ve attached everything, if you want to jazz things up with some sparkly ribbon, now is the time!

I wrapped my metal wreath with my sparkly ribbon, but you can definitely leave the metal bare for a slightly more “rustic” look as well.


The finished terracotta pot wreath in all its glittery and colorful glory!

A terracotta pot wreath is the perfect way to dress up your front door just in time for spring with bright pastel colors and perhaps some sparkle with ribbon and other additions. This wreath is entirely customizable to suit a wide variety of decor tastes, and I love how quickly things came together. What takes the longest is waiting for that craft paint to dry on the pots!

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Until next time, stay crafty!!

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